Brown Organic Eggs

Brown Organic Eggs

We are renowned suppliers of Brown Organic Eggs in India. Our Brown Organic Eggs are free from Salmonella, E-coli, or any other types of Micro Organisms. Also these Brown Organic Eggs are free from Antibiotics, Pesticides and Aflatoxin residues in the egg. Brown Organic Eggs are equivalent Organic Eggs. The feed of the Layers of our Brun Organic Eggs is vegetarian origin and totally Organic in nature. The Brown Organic Eggs offered by us are free from fish-meal, bone-meal, meat-meal, DCP etc.

Qualities :

Product Details

Application Bakery Use, Human Consumption
Shelf Life 2 Months
Protein 6-8 g
Fat 4-6 g
Calories 155
Cholesterol 373 mg
  • Free from bad odor
  • Nutritious and tasty
  • Rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins
  • Free from antibiotics, insecticides, pesticide and alfatoxin residues
  • Free from Salmonella and Coliform bacteria etc

Benefits :

  • Good for health
  • Increases weight
  • Builds muscles
  • Good for hair as well as eyes

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